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PowerPanel Announces Innovative Gen20 Portable

by Olga Sokolova

Revolutionizing Access to Essential Utilities in Challenging Environments

OXFORD, MI / ACCESSWIRE / December 18, 2023 / PowerPanel, a leader in sustainable energy solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the Gen20 Portable, a groundbreaking unit that seamlessly integrates electricity generation, hot water production, and advanced water filtration. The Gen20 Portable is designed to be deployable and to provide 200 gallons of potable water per hour, hot water for showers, and electricity, all generated from the sun’s energy through their patented PVT panels, from their catering to the urgent needs of areas affected by natural disasters and infrastructure challenges.

Gen₂O Portable
Gen₂O Portable
The Gen2O Portable is an all-in-one solution suited for Emergency Response, Humanitarian Aid, and Off-Grid Living. From Box to Operational in less than 2 hours Solar Powered Electricity, Hot Water, and Water Filtration all-in-one.

This versatile unit has already shown its immense value in Ukraine and other regions, offering a unique solution in the global market. The same cutting-edge technology powers PowerPanel’s larger array racks, which have been successfully implemented in diverse projects, including a hotel in St. Thomas and a significant initiative in Cleveland.

“The Gen20 Portable is more than just a product; it’s a beacon of hope in challenging times,” says Rob Kornahrens, CEO of PowerPanel. “We’re not just innovating; we’re changing lives by providing essential services in disaster-hit and remote areas. This is the future of sustainable disaster relief.”

In a significant partnership, PowerPanel collaborates with the world’s largest non-governmental organizations, leveraging the Gen20 Portable to support its humanitarian efforts. This collaboration underscores PowerPanel’s commitment to harnessing innovative technology for social good.

“PowerPanel’s Gen2O Integrated represents a monumental leap in renewable energy solutions,” says Garth Schultz, President and Founder of PowerPanel.

This product embodies our commitment to innovation, combining PV and Thermal technologies to achieve double the decarbonization and quadruple the energy output of traditional modules. Its modular design ensures flexibility and scalability, offering a minimal footprint with maximum output. The Gen2O Integrated, comprising our PVT 1 modules, custom racking, and Thermal Edge Storage Tank, is a comprehensive, cost-effective system for on or off-grid living in any climate, redefining what’s possible in sustainable energy.

The Gen20 Portable and the Gen20 Integrated represent a leap forward in sustainable and portable energy solutions, underlining PowerPanel’s dedication to empowering communities and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.


About PowerPanel

PowerPanel is at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions and is dedicated to developing innovative products that address critical needs in energy, thermal and electric, water, and environmental sustainability. With a focus on practical and scalable technology, PowerPanel is committed to making a positive impact globally. Learn more at https://www.powerpanel.com/Contact-Us

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